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DigiStim II
Nerve Stimulator
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Neurotechnology DigiStim II Nerve Stimulator
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Item ID 391224
Manufacturer Neurotechnology
Model DigiStim II
Part Number
Description Nerve Stimulator
Made In United States
Weight 2 lbs
Manual -
Condition Tested
Cosmetic Excellent
Qty Available 1


The dual-purpose DigiStim II peripheral nerve stimulator efficiently monitors muscle relaxants and precisely locate nerves in regional anesthesia procedures.

Output current is fully adjustable from 0 to 70 mA.

The amount of current delivered to the patient is displayed in mA on a large, easy-to-read, digital LCD. Nerves can be located precisely: The low-level output is adjustable in 0.1-mA increments from 0 to 6.0 mA. In addition to the flash of the pulse LED, an audible indicator sounds as each stimulus pulse is delivered, enabling direct monitoring of the patient’s response.

An optional computer interface is available for evoked potential and EMG applications.

Modes of Operation:
Standby: All toggle switches at off (center position) Twitch: 1 s (1 pulse/s); 10 s (1 pulses/10 s)
Tetanus: 50 Hz (50 pulses/s) or 100 Hz (100 pulses/s)
Train-Of-Four: Single (4 pulses/2 s); repeat (4 pulses/2 s; repeats every 10 s)
Output Current: Adjustable from 0-70 mA(HI range) 0-6.0mA (LO range)
Stimulus Pulse: Square Wave Monophasic pulses (200-us duration)
Indicators: Digital LCD shows current delivered to the patient in mA. Battery LED (green) indicates that the unit is on; it flashes when battery voltage is low. Pulse LED (red) flashes and audible indicator sounds each time a stimulus pulse is generated.
Power Source: 9-V alkaline battery (access door on rear panel)
Power Consumption: Approximately 9.6 mA
Case: High-impact ABS plastic with anodized aluminum front and rear panels. Switches and handles are chrome-plated.

To be used only by a Licenced Doctor or Physician.
If otherwise specified, all of our products carry a 30 Day warranty


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