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X-Ray Bone Densitometer
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Hologic QDR-4500 X-Ray Bone Densitometer
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Item ID 333447
Manufacturer Hologic
Model QDR-4500
Part Number 010-0575
Description X-Ray Bone Densitometer
Made In United States
Manual -
Condition Tested
Cosmetic Very Good
Qty Available 1


Hologic QDR-4500 X-Ray Bone Densitometer with Discovery Upgrade to model Discovery A, Manuals, Computer and Software

Whether you’re conducting major research or just beginning to incorporate bone densitometry into your clinical practice, Hologic has a high performance system to suit your needs.The QDR 4500 family of clinical fan beam bone densitometers lets you take advantage of advanced technology in a simple-to-use modular system.The QDR 4500 family offers high-quality imaging, high speed, unmatched precision and modularity to meet your evolving clinical requirements today and in the future.

Hologic Windows XP QDR Operating Software for QDR Series Bone Densitometers P/N SFW-00190, Ver 12.4
Hologic CADfx Computer-aided Fracture Assessment Tool Software P/N SFW-00196, Ver 5.0
Hologic QDR Windows XP Patches
Hologic VenturCom RTX Drivers P/N SFW-0006, Rev 003
Hologic Physician’s Viewer with IVA Toolbox Software, P/N SFW-00192, Ver 5.1
Hologic Physician’s ReportWriter Software, P/N SFW-00193, Rev 004
Hologic General ROI Option Disk
Hologic IVA HD Disk
Hologic Tissue Bar Option Disk
Hologic Body Composition Option Disk
Hologic Pediatric Reference Database Option Disk
Hologic Desc.VGA Configuration Patch XP Disk
Hologic Small Animal Option Disk
Hologic Dicom Option Disk
Hologic IVA Option Disk
Hologic Password Reset Admin Disk
Hologic Image Pro Option Disk

Hologic QDR Series X-Ray Bone Densitometers Technical Specifications Manual
Hologic QDR for Windows XP Reference Manual
Hologic QDR 4500 Elite User’s Guide
Hologic QDR 4500 Elite Student’s Guide
Hologic QDR Electronic Reporting Tools User’s Guide

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